If you live in an undersized house, in some cases the solution is right underneath you. If you are lucky to have a basement, there are high chances that it is filled with boxes and no one ever goes down there. However, you can remodel and transform the basement into a playroom for the kids, a gym or an office. If you are planning to remodel your basement, you might be wondering which the best time to remodel is– below are some pointers for your project.

Basement Remodeling in Summer
Since basements are not the primary living area you can remodel any time of the year without inconveniencing other users. However, summertime is the best time to remodel your basement. This is because it is cool in the basement during this time of year. Summer is the best time especially if you are remodeling by yourself without a contractor.

Remodeling the Basement in Winter
If you will be using a contractor, the best time to remodel the basement is in winter. Contractors are more available in winter because most people prefer remodeling their homes in summer and spring. The contractor will have more time to plan and design with you before they commence working. Also in winter, you can take advantage of the reduced prices. Most manufacturers will increase prices in spring and summer because the demand is high. However, in winter they have special offers to reduce their inventory. It is also easier to get permit and approvals in winter because government agencies are less busy in winter hence obtaining permits is quicker.

Basements can offer additional space that your family desperately needs. However, before you can start the project first you have to decide on the best use of the basement to suit your needs and vision for your home.