There can be several factors that go into how long a basement remolding project will take. If you are doing the basement yourself, you will likely see that the project will take months and not just weeks. If you are working with a qualified contractor that specializes in basements, a basement remodel will likely take four to eight weeks to complete from the time you start.

These estimates include taking three to five days for framing, two to three days for painting, two to three days for installing flooring, and time for inspections. The larger the basement is, then the more time is going to be needed. You also need to make sure the pre-work is done correctly, to ensure a smooth process.

Since remodeling projects can vary greatly, there are some features that will extend the timelines for basement remodeling.

· Adding a Bar: Once the drywall is complete, then it only takes a few days to install cabinets. However, countertops take a bit longer to install because they have to be templated, and that can't happen until after the cabinets are in place. Once the template is done, it can still take two to three weeks to install and then you have to wait for the sink and other items.

· Tile Showers: Adding a shower to your basement seems like a great idea, but it can also take more time. Tile showers will take longer to install than a fiberglass shower, but unless the tile is custom, it shouldn’t add too much time.

· Any Customizations: Any time customizations are added to a remodeling project, such as built-in cabinets or wine cellars, the project will take a little bit longer to finish. Customized features can make a difference in your remodel, so don’t avoid them. Just know that you will need to budget in some extra time.